What kind of volunteering do you choose to do?

I have volunteered at an organization called Young Life Capernaum for four years. Young Life Capernaum reaches out to students who have disabilities. This is a Christian organization and the students learn about God, meet new and old friends, and play lots of games every other Friday. We also spend time out of the group every month individually with students to get to know them.  I have developed many amazing relationships with the students that come to Capernaum and I value this volunteer opportunity.

What is something you have learned while volunteering that has helped  you in your life?

I have learned the importance of human relationship. The students at Capernaum have showed me the importance of sensing people’s emotions and helping other’s when they are struggling. It’s amazing to see our student’s build each other up throughout the year and it’s showed me how strengthening it is to have an encouraging community.

When you are not volunteering, what are some of your hobbies or commitments?

I enjoy rollerblading, paddle boarding, and hiking in the summer time. In the winter time, I enjoy ice skating and snow tubing. I also love to travel and experience new places.

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