Treatment Approaches for Behavioral Dyscontrol Following Cognitive Impairment.

This talk will cover cognitive variables that help drive behavior. This will be followed by a review of three common treatment interventions, uses and shortcomings, as applied to those with cognitive impairment, and a fourth innovative intervention. Team models for implementation of behavioral intervention will also be addressed.


  • Understand drivers of behavior
  • Describe three traditional treatment methods
  • Explain a fourth innovative approach to behavioral issues
  • Understand team models for behavioral intervention
About the Instructor:

Dr. Robert Karol is President of a multidisciplinary group private practice, Karol Neuropsychological Services & Consulting, in Minneapolis. He specializes in counseling for persons with brain injury and other disabilities, neuropsychological and rehabilitation evaluations, program development consultation for organizations, workshops & staff training, and case consultation for providers, insurers, and attorneys.

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