The Impact of Medical Complications on Problem Behaviors

Many people with disabilities often have complex medical and psychiatric problems that affect their quality of life and the behaviors that they exhibit.  The sad truth is that these problems are often overlooked when caregivers search for answers to why a person is exhibiting undesirable behaviors. This session explains several common medical complications and their relation to common problematic behaviors. The group will learn the signs and symptoms of medical problems to look for; and how to efficiently address them.  In addition, the instructor will train on how to collect and present the necessary information to medical and psychological professionals so the most accurate diagnosis and treatments can be made.

About the Instructor:

Donna Kuller RN, has been nursing for over 13 years in the areas of general medical, hospice, psychiatric, and developmental disabilities. She is currently a nurse consultant for the Metro Crisis Coordination Program, a non-profit program that provides in-home behavioral support services to children and adults with developmental disabilities.

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