Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of Others

This topic focuses on the potential hazards of care-takers who neglect their own needs and instead are expanding their time and energy helping others.  By taking care of yourself, you avoid burnout and discover balance and new sources of energy.

Key Points/Benefits:

  • Discover the debilitating factors in serving others
  • Learn three ways of adding balance to your life
  • Identify 12 steps towards self-care
  • Participate in exercises which enable you to develop a plan
About the Instructor:

Dean R. DeGroot is the founder of Innerview, a firm that specializes in assessing, creating, and evaluating various aspects of change for individuals and organizations. Dean possesses a master’s degree in Behavior Analysis & Therapy from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He has been involved in post-graduate work at the Carlson School of Management located at the University of Minnesota. Dean is a business consultant and licensed psychologist who has been a change agent for individuals and organizations for more than 16 years. His skills in counseling, coaching, training, and psychological assessment have helped hundreds of people realize their professional dreams.

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