Setting Boundaries with Clients with Personality Disorders

One of the single most challenging duties of a health care professional is working with a client that has a personality disorder. Todd Mulliken, MS, LPCC and owner of Mulliken Counseling Center in Edina will be drawing from his 25+ years of clinical experience to help us understand personality disorders, the different “clusters” in which they are categorized in, and most importantly, give us tools to help us treat the disorders and care for ourselves as well.

About the Instructor:

Todd Mulliken,MS, has over 20 years of clinical experience in the areas of anxiety, depressive, and personality disorders; marital counseling-specializing in affair recovery, and counseling families dealing with parenting issues. Todd has written 3 books including: “The State of Affairs..why they happen and how love can be restored.” Todd consults with the Minnesota Institute of Public Health and is a adjunct professor at MCTC and Metropolitan State. Todd’s website is:

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