Senior Fraud Protection

Seniors represent an increasing share of the population (40 million Americans aged 65 + older). Con artists see seniors as ripe for the picking with financial scams, and seniors are especially vulnerable to fraud via high-pressure telemarketing, “befriender” con games, and technology-enabled identity theft. Learn the ten most common scams aimed at seniors, resources to report and remedy these crimes, and specific empowerment strategies seniors can use to be safer. Case managers and direct service workers can be the trusted key allies to seniors in building this safety.

About the Instructor:

Geoff Bullock is a financial educator with LSS Financial Counseling in Minneapolis. He received his bachelor’s degree from North Park University of Chicago and is currently finishing his MBA from Concordia University St. Paul. Each year Geoff teaches hundreds of classes, workshops and seminars to thousands of people throughout the state in settings ranging from new refugee workshops, to schools, to corporate gatherings.
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