Positive Supports Refresher (4 hr)

This is a 4 hour training designed to fulfill the requirements of the refresher training for the Minnesota Positive Supports Rule.  This training is designed to give all staff a basic understanding of the principles of positive supports and how to assist people with disabilities with proactive and responsive solutions to interfering behaviors.  This training satisfies the Rules by covering these topic areas:

1. de-escalation techniques and their value;

2. principles of person-centered service planning and delivery

3. principles of positive support strategies, including positive behavior supports, the relationship between staff interactions with the person and the person’s behavior, and the relationship between the person’s environment and the person’s behavior;

4. what constitutes the use of restraint, including chemical restraint, time out, and seclusion;

5. staff responsibilities related to prohibited procedures under Minnesota Statutes, section 245D.06

6. staff responsibilities related to restricted and permitted actions and procedures under Minnesota Statutes, section 245D.06, subdivisions 6 and 7;

7. the situations in which staff must contact 911 services in response to an imminent risk of harm to the person or others;

8. the procedures and forms staff must use to monitor and report use of restrictive interventions that are part of a positive support transition plan;

9. the procedures and requirements for notifying members of the person’s expanded support team after the use of a restrictive intervention with the person;

10. understanding of the person as a unique individual and how to implement treatment plans and responsibilities assigned to the license holder;

11. cultural competence; and

12. personal staff accountability and staff self-care after emergencies.

Note: This class does not go demonstrate the proper techniques of applying manual restraints.

About the Instructor:

Jason Hoffrogge, is the training director for Orion Associates, a human resources agency for companies working with people who have disabilities. Jason has over 27 years of experience in working with people who have disabilities in residential, vocational, and crisis settings– including 6 1/2 years as a behavior analyst in a crisis consulting agency.

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