Developing a New Culture to Reduce Restraints

Physical and mechanical restraints have historically been used to bring about the control and safety of aggressive people and those around them.  However, incidents of trauma, injury, and even death due to restraints have become too common.  We can and must do better to protect the lives and well-being of those whom we serve.  This session will explore core beliefs, policies, strategies, and resources that team members can use in advocating for the decrease in restraints that happen to people with developmental disabilities in residential and vocational settings.

About the Instructor:

Jason Hoffrogge, is the training director for Orion Associates, a human resources agency for companies working with people who have disabilities. Jason has 18 years of experience in working with people who have disabilities in residential, vocational, and crisis settings. Jason has also been a part-time firefighter and first responder for the past nine years.

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