Cultural Context, Communities of Color and Mental Health Issues

In order to work most successfully with persons of color – adults and children – it is essential to understand the cultural issues which influence and impact mental health. This class will draw on the instructor’s years of therapeutic experiences to show how professional awareness of cultural issues can have a positive impact on services to culturally diverse populations. Having worked with people primarily of color, the instructor will be speaking from the perspective of “white privilege”.


  • Understand the cultural context of mental health issues,
  • Learn therapeutic approaches which account for different cultural contexts
  • Identify personal areas of expertise and areas in need of additional training in cultural competency
About the Instructor:

Dr. Jeannie Schur, Ph.D., L.P., is a clinical psychologist. She is a former educator who used to teach elementary and special education. She is currently a consultant for the Hennepin County Human Services Department. Dr. Schur is currently an adjunct associate clinical professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School. The focus of her seminars is to increase self-awareness in an attempt to increase professional competence and job satisfaction

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