Creating a Four-Stage Behavior Plan

Staff cohesiveness is an essential aspect of treating challenging behaviors.  Developing a Four-Stage Plan is not only a quick and effective way of training staff on behavior approaches, but it assures that the staff are using consistent strategies.  In the Four-Stage Model, a person’s behavior fluctuations are conceptualized as occurring in four predictable stages.  In this seminar, attendees will learn how to effectively describe behaviors as they occur in each stage, define a goal for each stage, and communicate the expected strategies that all staff should use for each stage.  This plan is an extremely effective reference tool that staff can quickly grab and utilize during stressful moments when an individual is agitated.

About the Instructor:

Jason Hoffrogge, is the training director for Orion Associates, a human resources agency for companies working with people who have disabilities. Jason has 18 years of experience in working with people who have disabilities in residential, vocational, and crisis settings. Jason has also been a part-time firefighter and first responder for the past nine years.

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