Building the Resiliency to be a Successful (and Happy) Manager

Does it seem like you have to solve the challenges and problems of your direct reports even before your first cup of coffee every morning? Do you find that you are becoming less resilient to taking sometime chaotic work events in stride?  Steve Beseke, an award-winning career resiliency expert, shows you concrete and common-sense ways to help you solve the next work challenge and have time to feel successful and resilient no matter what work crisis comes up next.  Steve will highlight his personal examples of how you can successfully manage expectations while actually having a life outside of work.  Join Steve to learn how you can stay fulfilled, happy and extremely effective as a manager no matter the issues of the day.

About the Instructor:

Steve Beseke has been a corporate communications executive for more than 25 years with companies like Medtronic, Opus Corporation and the National Marrow Donor Program. In addition to his corporate and non-profit experience, Steve has started his own career and life resiliency/motivational speaking business. He works with corporations and individuals to understand the return on investment value that career and life resiliency has in the workplace. As a person with a life-long physical disability (Cerebral Palsy), Steve also does motivational and resiliency speaking with hospitals, colleges, disability groups and career organizations about life resiliency in this complex and challenging world.

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