Brain Injury Topics for Professionals– Focus on Behaviors/Dual Diagnosis

This presentation will provide the most up to date statistics from the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health on brain injury/mental health and chemical dependence.  Current research efforts and findings on brain injury will also be shared through video clips and summaries.  Most current research on dual diagnosis and treatment with brain injury will also be shared.  Case studies will be evaluated and discussed with audience participation.

About the Instructor:

Inspired by a personal family event, Robyn has dedicated her nursing career to the care and support of those affected by neurological damage from brain injury or stroke. Through her experience as a staff nurse at Sanford Health, charge nurse at Bethany Homes, director of nursing at Lilycare Clinic, and private nurse/case manager, she has been able to witness the ripple effects from these injuries from multiple professional angles. Since moving to Minneapolis she has focused on education, prevention, support and advocacy as a Resource Facilitator with the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance.

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