Bed Bugs

Major bed bug infestations can occur quite fast if left undetected, especially in highly occupied rooms. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to detect and even harder to control when their population start to build up. Early detection and employ effective methods are critical in managing bed bugs. Research results and field testing results on bed bug detection will be reviewed to address different techniques and their pros and cons. Recommendations on bed bug monitoring program will be discussed. Different treatment methods will be reviewed as well, but when it comes to efficient and effective, heat is the best method.

About the Instructor:

Dr. Hao Yu is a Board Certified Entomologist (BCE) with teaching, research, community outreach, and industrial experiences in pest management and general entomology related works. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona specializing in Urban Entomology. He currently holds the Technical Director position with Guardian Pest Solutions, a major mid-western pest management firm. He has given over 40 presentations on bed bugs at different levels and helped develop procedures for bed bug eradication from commercial and institutional properties. Dr. Yu is on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Pest Management Association.

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