Orion Associates Celebrates National Volunteer Week

Recent studies show that a healthy culture of volunteerism can benefit both the individual worker and the organization as a whole. Orion Associates and its related companies have a long history of encouraging volunteerism among employees. In 2012 we reached a milestone of 100% employee participation in volunteer activities.

“Volunteerism is a vital part of our workplace culture,” says Cheryl Vennerstrom, COO of Orion Associates and its related companies. “Not only has it benefited our company overall by improving teamwork, teaching leadership skills and increasing morale, our employees are happier and more purpose-driven as a result.”

In recognition of National Volunteer Week April 6-11, 2014, Orion Associates has compiled a list of the top 5 benefits of volunteering for organizations:

  • Volunteering improves teamwork. When groups of employees volunteer together they get to know each other in a situation without the pressure of a daily work environment. This allows them to practice teamwork skills and interact more effectively.
  • Younger workers choose companies with a commitment to the greater good. According to the 8th Annual Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey, more than half (61 percent) of the millennials surveyed said that they are likely to factor a company’s commitment to the community into their decision if choosing between two jobs with the same location, responsibilities, pay and benefits.
  • Volunteering improves cardiovascular health.   Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that adults over age 50 who volunteered on a regular basis were less likely to develop high blood pressure than non-volunteers.
  • Young workers learn leadership skills. About 76 percent of young workers said that volunteering helps them hone their leadership skills, and 75 percent said volunteering lets them develop skills they can use at work (Deloitte, 2007).
  • Volunteers experience less stress. United Health Group recently conducted a study showing reduced stress in volunteers with 78% of people who have volunteered in the past 12 months saying volunteering has lowered their stress levels. Individuals experiencing less stress are often more productive and experience greater well-being in all areas of their lives.

National Volunteer Week is about taking action and encouraging individuals and their respective communities to be at the center of social change – discovering and actively demonstrating their collective power to make a difference.
National Volunteer Week, a program of Points of Light, was established in 1974 and has grown exponentially each year, with thousands of volunteer projects and special events scheduled throughout the week.