Headwaters Relief departs for Moore OK

A group of volunteers from Headwaters Relief Organization will head for Moore, Oklahoma on July 4, 2013 to assist with disaster relief efforts still underway after the devastating tornadoes in May of this year. 20 volunteers will be going to Moore, one of the hardest hit areas near Oklahoma City. The group will be coordinating with local faith-based organizations to provide clean-up and other supports as requested. Headwaters Relief is a non-profit collaboration of volunteers providing practical aid, physical recovery assistance and mental health support to victims of disaster.

Volunteers will be meeting to load up for the trip to Moore Thursday night at the Orion Associates headquarters in Golden Valley. Many of these volunteers have assisted with disaster relief efforts after Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, floods in Southern Minnesota, Haiti and other areas.


WHO:                Volunteers from Headwaters Relief Organization


WHEN:            July 5 -8, 2013


WHERE:            Orion Associates, 9400 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, MN 55427