Orion ISO reports 96% of consumers satisfied with overall services

Minnesota fiscal agent cites impressive numbers in recent customer service survey

 “Orion does excellent work with their clients and families. If you have a question or problem, they will fix it right away.” – Survey Respondent

“The staff are always so helpful, professional and polite, understanding and compassionate.” – Survey Respondent

Orion is a trusted partner. Thanks a million!” – Survey Respondent

Orion ISO, a Minnesota fiscal agent and related company to Orion Associates,  finalized the results from the latest survey of its consumers this month. Of those responding, 96% reported being either satisfied or very satisfied with Orion ISO self-directed services. In addition, nearly 100% of survey respondents noted they were satisfied with the respect, helpfulness and knowledge demonstrated by Orion ISO staff. Orion ISO also received high marks for responsiveness to phone and email inquiries, accuracy of expense summaries and payroll processing.

“We send out these surveys on a regular basis to help foster a culture of continuous improvement. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of self- directed services for our consumers,” said Cheryl Vennerstrom, COO for Orion ISO. “We can only achieve that by taking an objective inventory on a regular basis on how our consumers feel we’re doing. We appreciate the areas where we are performing well, but the real benefit of our consumer surveys is in finding ways to constantly improve our services. ”

Orion ISO was one of the first agencies to provide self-directed and consumer directed supports services in the state of Minnesota. The organization offers three services models that provide individuals with greater choice and flexibility over their own services and funds including Agency with Choice, Payroll Agent and Fiscal Conduit. Orion ISO bases its services on the philosophy of self-determination, principles that include individual control over resources and care as well as self-advocacy for those with disabilities and the elderly.

“We were very happy that in every category of the survey, more than 90% of respondents reported being satisfied or very satisfied with our work,” said Erin Huldeen, Program Administrator for Orion ISO. “The survey highlighted some areas where we can make improvements in our process, and we’re already working on those improvements now.”