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Minnesota Trendsetters – Minnesota Monthly’s Semi-Annual Profile of the Region’s Leading Companies and Their Key Executives

Marya Hage, our organization’s founder, was recognized as a Minnesota Trendsetter in the January 2006 editionxx of Minnesota Monthly’s semi-annual profile of the regions leading companies and their key executives.

January 2006
maryaMarya Hage says,” We have been given incredible gifts, including the riches of time, opportunity, skill, and intelligence. Most importantly, we have also been given the opportunity to share those gifts as we work for a better and happier life for those whom we serve.”

Marya has lived a life of service. She has served others professionally as founder of four human services agencies, Orion Associates, Meridian Services, Zenith Services, and Orion Intermediary Services Organization, as a licensed psychologist in private practice, and as a volunteer, most visibly with the Red Cross of Minnesota, as a psychologist. Her recent assignments included the Pentagon after 9/11, the Red Lake shooting and Hurricane Katrina.

Marya founded her business organization in 1980. Since then, her companies have grown to serve hundreds of individuals with disabilities and the elderly through a variety of service options. Marya’s service philosophy extends to the way she treats over 1500 employees. As a servant leader, she believes she should treat her employees as she would wish to be treated.

“In the final analysis, wealth and success matter little, what does
matter is that you made a positive difference in at least one person’s

Marya Hage

Marya’s current project is the publishing of Heroines: Transformation in the Face of Breast Cancer, a book of portraits and poems exploring the relationship between illness and transformation. Conceived by award winning photographer and filmmaker, Jila Nikpay, Marya is featured as one of the twenty-one heroines in the book. Zenith Services has undertaken the publishing of the book as another way to support and touch the lives of others.

Marya’s philosophy of service was demonstrated in November 2005, when her companies sent thirty-five volunteers to New Orleans to assist with the clean-up efforts in the Ninth Ward, the poorest and hardest hit part of New Orleans. As Marya says: “In the final analysis, wealth and success matter little, what does matter is that you make a positive difference in at least one person’s life.” Marya has made a positive difference in the lives of many.