Our Third Annual Celebration of Cultural Diversity!

February 2005
2005_0216Image0184On Wednesday, February 16th, Orion Associates, Meridian Services, and Zenith Services hosted its third annual Celebration of Cultural Diversity. Once again, the celebration was held at the Maple Grove Community Center, in Maple Grove.

The event was intended to provide an opportunity for those involved with our organization to sample foods from a number of different ethnic groups, to learn more about each other and the cultures from which we all come, and to have
a wonderful time together as we celebrated our diversity!

Our Celebration of Cultural Diversity is only a small part of our organization’s overall goal of becoming a Culturally Competent organization.

Our Goal of Cultural Competence

two woman sitting at tableOrion Associates, Meridian Services, and Zenith Services are striving to achieve
the goal of becoming a Culturally Competent organization

We believe that it is crucial for our organization to examine the cultural and individual practices of the people and families to whom we provide services as well as the individuals with whom we work every day. We understand that
culture is complex and includes values, norms, social patterns, the arts, beliefs, institutions, and thoughts that are characteristic of a community or population. Culture forms the group identity of people, organizations, and communities, and it is through culture that life is guided for every individual.

Orion Associates, Meridian Services, and Zenith Services believe that it is
essential to remain culturally sensitive to our consumers and their families
by adapting our programs and supports to address their individual cultures. As we develop our ability to serve individuals of various cultures, we create a Culturally Competent organization. This creates positive rapport with our
consumers and their families and plays a crucial role in truly meeting our consumer’s needs. Part of being culturally sensitive includes not making judgments about other people’s value systems, and the ways in which they
conduct their lives. Not everyone needs to aspire to live a traditional American middle-class lifestyle.

We regularly offer Cultural Diversity training to our employees. This training
is intended to provide every employee with assistance in examining their own
cultural existence in relation to others, thereby increasing awareness, and
creating a culturally sensitive work environment. Creating an open environment
where cultural specific information related to consumers and staff will help
foster a Culturally Competent organization.