Our Metropolitan Office Holds an Open House!

Our Metropolitan Office held an Open House on May 19, 2004 to celebrate the move to our new location at:
9400 Golden Valley Road
Golden Valley, Minnesota 55427

It was a wonderfully beautiful spring day and there was a true celebratory atmosphere during the Open House. The event was well attended by consumers, their families, and our employees, as well as by our colleagues in the Human Services field, people with whom we do business, and representatives from the Counties and State.

We moved to our new location almost six months ago, and have enjoyed settling into our new space. As we spend time in our new offices, we realize all the more how many ways that our new location allows us to improve our services to our consumers, their families, counties, and to our employees.

Our new offices allow us to improve our training program by providing staff with a classroom setting. This will facilitate interactive learning, a significant improvement over watching training videos and reading training documents. The offices are handicapped accessible, reflecting our mission to provide services without regard to disability. Our new offices have an improved phone system where you can reach the person you are calling directly, making us more easily available to you.

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