Our Metropolitan Office Moves to Golden Valley

Our Metropolitan Office moved to its new location in Golden Valley on November 1, 2003.

Our new address is:

9400 Golden Valley Road
Golden Valley, Minnesota 55427

Our individual company phone numbers are as follows:

Orion Associates: 763-450-5000
Orion Associates’ FAX: 763-450-5005

Meridian Services: 763-450-5010
Meridian Services’ FAX: 763-450-5015

Meridian Services Case Management: 763-450-5030
Meridian Services Case Management’s FAX: 763-450-5035

Orion Intermediary Services Organization: 763-450-5040

In addition, every individual in the office has their own direct line phone number.

We are excited about the many ways our new location allows us to improve our services, including the following:
• Our new space allows us to improve our training program by providing our staff with a classroom setting. This will facilitate interactive learning, a significant improvement over readings and watching training videos.
• Our new space is handicapped accessible, reflecting our mission to provide services without regard to disability.
• We have an improved phone system allowing those calling us to reach the person you are calling directly, making us more easily available to you.

We have appreciated your patience and support as we continue to strive toward our goal of continual quality improvement.

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