Members of the Organizations’ Top Administration Complete a Graduate Program and Receive Master of Arts Degrees in Organizational Management

We are pleased to announce that Rebecca Thomley, our organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Hage, our Chief Administrative Officer, Cheryl Vennerstrom, our Chief Operating Officer, and Leann Thompson, our senior Program Administrator, completed their studies in a graduate program at Concordia University, Saint Paul, Minnesota, and received Master of Arts degrees in Organizational Management.

These individual’s participation in the program was sponsored by the organization with the goal of strengthening the organization’s leadership through a rigorous course of study that focused on a wide range of disciplines vital to the functioning of an organization. The studies included coursework in Management Foundations, Organizational Theory and Behavior, Human Resources Management, Management and Leadership, Managerial Finance, Productivity and Quality, Managerial Research and Design, Managing in an Information Age, Legal Environment for Managers, Ethical Dimension of Leading and Managing, and Organizational Business Policy and Strategy.

The course of study concluded with the preparation of a thesis. Stephen Hage’s thesis was entitled, “Spirituality in the Workplace: From Concept to Practice.” Leann Thompson’s thesis was entitled, “Can Emotional Intelligence Be Increased Throughout Your Life? A Proposed Model for Training Managers Employed at Meridian Services, Incorporated.” Cheryl Vennerstrom’s thesis focused on Leadership. As an alternative to a traditional thesis paper, Rebecca Thomley prepared a thesis project by organizing Orion Associates’ Leadership Symposium in February 2002.

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