Required Annual Training for Personal Supports

As a part of the state licensing requirements for Orion ISO Personal Support Services you have to fulfill 12 hours of annual training. Part of those hours are very specific topics that are required by the state. In order to fulfill your obligations, you must watch all of the videos and read all of the attached written information, complete the self evaluation and pass the test at the end.

  1. Data Privacy Policy and Training (.5 hr)
  2. Emergency Use of Manual Restraint Policy (.5 hr)
  3. Minnesota Maltreatment Laws Video (.25 hr)
  4. Maltreatment of Minors Policy (.75 hr)
  5. Vulnerable Adult Policy and Procedure (.75 hr)
  6. Job Description (.5 hr)
  7. Minnesota Provider Notice of Privacy Practices (.25 hr)
  8. Deficit Reduction Act Policy (.25 hr)
  9. Service Recipient Rights (.25 hr)
  10. Person Service Delivery Requirements (.25hr)
  11. First Aid Basics Video (.75 hr)
  12. Waste, Fraud and Abuse (.25 hr)
  13. Principles of Person-Centeredness (.5 hr)
  14. Person Centered Tools (must watch all 9 videos in the playlist) (1 hr)
  15. Aversive and Deprivation Procedures (.5 hr)
  16. Crisis De-escalation Training (1.5 hr)
  17. Nutrition Basics (1 hr)
  18. Blood Borne Pathogens (.5 hr)
  19. Professional Boundaries (1.5 hr)

Post Test

You must complete the self evaluation, test, and submit your answers to complete the training.